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TONISITY Px in Water Solubles

  • The first isotonic protein drink for pigs.

  • Designed to reduce pre-weaning mortality, lower fall behinds, increasing post-weaning weights

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Tonisity Px (Px)

Tonisity Px is the first isotonic protein drink for pigs. Starting at day 2 of life, Tonisity Px is designed to feed the critical cells of the small intestine, enabling more productive nutrition uptake. Optimising those cells gets your piglets off to the right start:

  • Reducing pre-weaning mortality

  • Lowering fall behinds

  • Increasing post-weaning weights

It is an easy-to-use powder that mixes readily with water and remains in suspension when used in a creep feeder or pan. It fits easily into all types of farm management systems and is a complementary feed for all swine classes.


How to Mix:

  • To make up the 3% solution, it’s as simple as mixing 310g (2 level 155g scoops) of Tonisity Px with 10 litres of fresh, potable drinking water.

  • Days 2-8: 500ml/litter/day or 40ml/piglet/day

  • 3 days before weaning: 500ml/litter/day or 40ml/piglet/day

Available in 5kg bag and 20kg bucket